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The Challenge

Modus developed and has been managing the Allstate Drivewise program in Canada since its inception in 2014. This program is considered to be exceptionally successful by both Allstate and Modus. However, by the middle of 2018, iit was time for an update. Technology has evolved since 2014, and Allstate wished to migrate Drivewise from a plug-in OBD telematics device based program, to one that utilizes the driver’s smartphone to track all driving behavior. This shift would save Allstate from having to purchase hardware, pay for logistics and device cellular communication costs. The end result would be a new Drivewise that could be put into the hands of more drivers quickly!

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The Solution

For the new Drivewise mobile app, Modus started with a clean sheet design for the program. Deploying a mobile app based solution has entirely different needs than a program based on telematics hardware. Yet, we needed to make sure that Allstate’s staff could seamlessly manage both programs concurrently. This meant that we had to consider how both programs would be managed on a day-to-day basis, and how the old and new could integrate. Modus created new iOS and Android applications that not only tracked the participant’s driving, but allowed them visibility into how they were progressing through the Drivewise program. We also created an entirely new web-based management platform that allowed Allstate agents and support personnel the visibility they needed to support the customers once enrolled.

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The Results

Modus and Allstate launched the new Drivewise program in July of 2018. As of this writing (March, 2019) participation in the new mobile app based program has exceeded the run rate of the previous telematics hardware based program. The decreased cost and complexity of deploying a simple mobile app has allowed Allstate to increase the velocity and reach of the Drivewise program. This is allowing them to scale the benefits of increased customer enrollment and retention to higher levels than ever before.

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