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The Challenge

Esurance recognized the opportunities vehicle telematics would unlock and wanted to be a pioneer in the UBI space. Yet, they needed the right partner to develop a solution and bring that vision to reality.

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The Solution

Esurance and Modus approached this challenge as true partners. They shaped their objectives together, co-developed the solution, and analyzed results from each iteration to create the right program: DriveSense™. Building on that program’s success, they went on to co-develop the DriveSafe™ for teen safety and Pay Per Mile programs.

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The Results

Esurance directly attributes 110,000 new customers to its DriveSafe and DriveSense programs.
Esurance DriveSafe was the first program to include cell phone blocking for distracted driving, and one of the first commercially released GPS location-based UBI programs.


Solutions developed through true partnership.

110,000 new customers.

First UBI program with an app to prevent distracted driving.

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