Modus is First Fleet Management Solution Provider to Offer Customers Ability to Purchase Online

By October 31, 2016Vehicle Telematics
Modus Telematics Service Provider Announcement

Huntington Beach, Calif. About Modus

On October 17, 2016 Modus opened its ecommerce store for direct purchase of its fleet management solution, Zephyr. Now customers have three options to choose from:

  1. Calling to speak with a sales representative
  2. Submitting a request form for more information
  3. Reviewing features and pricing online with ability to purchase directly

To visit the shop, go to:

Modus is the first fleet management solution provider to allow customers to purchase directly from the site without requiring they speak with a sales representative.

“Business owners don’t have the time or desire to speak with a sales representative,” said Tim Philibosian, Head of Sales for Modus. “Most already know what features they want and are familiar enough with the technology to make educated decisions. Now they can purchase on their timeline and with ease.”

The new Zephyr Shop site offers a detailed breakdown of the three product offerings, as well as three pricing options to choose from. Rather than needing to schedule a demonstration, potential customers can watch a comprehensive demo video directly from the site.

“We pride ourselves on our flexibility and giving our customers options,” said Philibosian. “We’re here to guide them through their purchase decision if they want help. If they don’t, they won’t have to jump through hoops to buy our product.”

About Modus

In 2012, Modus began as a spin off from Vision Wireless, which CEO Brandon Johnson and Tim Philibosian co-founded in 2002. As one of the first vehicle telematics providers focused on the auto insurance market, Modus saw early success in this space and quickly surpassed its parent company’s revenue and growth. Now, four years later, Modus has broadened its offering to all aspects of telematics and leads the industry in providing the most technologically advanced, intuitive, and reliable vehicle telematics solution available. Many of the world’s largest insurers, technology companies and fleet operators rely on Modus to improve their business performance.

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