Modus, Singtel, & Axa Insurance launch cloud-based smart car service

Singapore operator Singtel and Axa Insurance have launched a smart car service to promote safer driving habits. The service comprises a Modus smart car device and cloud-based smart car application, and analyses driving patterns through a vehicle’s On-Board Diagnostic (OBD) port.

Following the complimentary onsite installation, the Modus device will synchronise with the smart car application on customers’ smartphones over Singtel’s mobile network. The service provides the driver with insights on areas such as braking, acceleration and speed, which can help improve driving techniques and behaviour and enhance road safety. With these insights, drivers can also adjust their driving patterns to lower fuel consumption and troubleshoot potential engine problems.

The service features driver analyses on areas such as braking, acceleration and speed; real-time location monitoring; trip history; engine health information (battery voltage and engine temperature); driving scores (based on driving analyses); scheduled maintenance reminders; as well as alerts for speed limits, geo-fence boundaries, drive times and mileage limits.

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