About Modus

Vehicle Telematics Pioneer and Industry Leader.

Experts in developing enterprise solutions, systems integration, logistics, customer service and product development.

Modus delivers intelligently designed and technologically innovative software solutions to insurers, wireless carriers and fleet operators worldwide.

Modus is a pioneer in the wireless and vehicle telematics space with a DNA of mobile innovation, great customer experience, affordability and industry leading level of service, support and technological expertise. As one of the first vehicle telematics providers focused on the auto insurance market, Modus saw early success in this space providing telematics solutions to several top insurance carriers. Modus has broadened its offering to all aspects of telematics and leads the industry in providing the most technologically advanced, intuitive, and reliable vehicle telematics solution available. Many of the world’s largest insurers, technology companies and fleet operators rely on Modus to improve their business performance.