MDrive Insurance Telematics & Fleet Management Solutions Drive Profit for Malaysia Telco

the challenge

The Challenge

A Malaysian telecom carrier wanted to create an all-new, custom vehicle telematics offering in a largely untapped market for automotive insurance, fleet tracking, and consumer markets.

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The Solution

Modus piloted a driver scoring system for the commercial UBI market in Malaysia, and created a light fleet solution with black box, beacon terminal and diagnostic port (OBDII) connections to support multiple types of vehicles. Next came a branded online enrollment system to accelerate new subscriptions and new revenue. Modus also delivered a consumer Wi-Fi connectivity product with driver and family safety tools.

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The Results

Maxis is poised to bring the connected car to the Malaysian automotive markets with MDrive, a custom UBI product for commercial fleets and individual consumers. Unique features developed specifically for MDrive will bring Maxis 250 percent higher profits per vehicle.


250% higher profits

Multiple vehicle telematics models to serve different market segments

Wi-Fi for value-added services

Improved road safety for drivers

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