237,000 GALLONS


684,000 ALERTS


4,329,000 EVENTS

Manage Your Vehicles in Real Time

Monitor and route vehicles with real-time location and traffic awareness.

Improve Driver Behavior

Identify risky behavior, create safer drivers and reduce accidents.

Vehicle Health

Track maintenance, battery health, engine temperature alerts, fuel levels and DTC codes for your vehicles.

Fuel, Idling & Utilization Reports

Keep costs under control with powerful reporting tools giving you insight into vehicle usage, fuel consumption and idle time.

Odometer & Hour Meter

Actual odometer or hour meter values are sent from the vehicle allowing you to stay on top of maintenance schedules.

User Access Controls

Setup user hierarchies allowing system users to only view and access the vehicles and information you authorize.

Crash Detection

Receive instant notifications when an accident occurs. Our optional eCall service also allows crash notifications to be sent to an emergency dispatch center.

Mobile App

Access your fleet information anywhere at any time. Our rich mobile app offers all the same functionality that is found in the web application.

Real Time Location Tracking & Alerts

Monitor and manage vehicles and equipment in real-time from the web or your smartphone. Always know locations to better manage routes and productivity.

Vehicle Health & Maintenance

The automated tracking of odometer/hour meter allows you to stay on top of scheduled maintenance. Diagnostic trouble codes (DTC), battery health, temperature and fuel data are all sent in real-time alerting you of any issues that may take your vehicles off the road.

Extensive Vehicle & Heavy Equipment Support

Modus Telematics works with a wide variety of telematics hardware, OEM data feeds, and can even use a tracking app on a driver’s smartphone. This means we can support a variety of passenger vehicles, including electric and hybrid vehicles. We also provide support for heavy commercial trucks. Our extensive support continues to include construction equipment from manufacturers like John Deere, Caterpillar, Case, Komatsu and more!

Detailed Reporting

Detailed metrics for your fleet are key to reducing cost and efficiency optimization. Use this data to streamline your operations, decrease fuel consumption and easy maintenance costs. With reporting on vehicle utilization, fuel usage, idling, and vehicle efficiency you will be given actionable insights to identify areas of improvement.

Crash Detection

Crash detection is available to instantly alert you, or a list of individuals the moment a collision occurs. Our optional eCAll service can also alert an emergency response call center instantly, giving them location and crash severity information.

Driver Behavior

Improve driver safety and performance with detailed monitoring. Automatically track harsh driving events, phone usage while driving, and speeding over the posted speed limit. Help drivers improve their driving habits, increase safety and reduce wear and tear on your vehicles.

User Access Controls

Flexible system access controls allow you to set up accounts for a wide variety of users. Users can be limited to only seeing certain portions of the system, specific vehicles or groups of vehicles. Vehicle “driver” type users can be setup to only see their own driving as well.

IFTA Reporting

Modus Telematics makes filing IFTA (International Fuel Tax Agreement) returns simple. The system will automatically track all miles driven, by IFTA jurisdiction. The system will automatically update with current tax rates and even allow you to upload fuel purchases. The result is a simplified report that takes all of the tedious calculations out of your fuel tax return.

Odometer & Hour Meter

Actual vehicle odometer or hour meter values are automatically transmitted into the system allowing you to stay on top of vehicle maintenance and utilization.

3rd Party Integration

Just about every bit of data collected and processed by Modus Telematics is accessible via our extensive API layer in real-time. Integrating your data into 3rd party systems is simplified. Whether you are looking to integrate vehicle and driving data with fuel card providers, dispatch and work order management, salesforce, or even your own internal systems, we can help.


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