Landscape Contractor Gains Business Efficiency with Improved Fleet Operations and Driver Safety

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The Challenge

As a landscaping contractor in the state of Virginia, Green Side Up (GSU) Landscaping’s management wanted greater insight into where their employees were throughout the day and proactive information about the condition of their vehicles. They also needed a mobile solution for their fleet managers who were frequently offsite as part of normal business practice. With varying levels of computer skills across the company, employees needed a simple and user friendly solution.

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The Solution

Modus’s Fleet Management solution gave GSU the ability to easily manage mobile employees and improve their productivity, all from their smartphone. The employees also found it intuitive and easy to use, with immediate feedback on how to improve their driving behavior.

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The Results

GSU learned that their employees were fueling their vehicles on the way to a job rather than on their way home. Armed with this insight, they quickly instated a new fueling policy and set up boundary alerts around gas stations to reinforce it.


Work hours saved:  20/week

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