Protecting Your Family is Important

Helping Teens & Senior Citizens Be Safer Drivers

Keeping Your Family Safe

Protect your loved ones by monitoring their whereabouts and driving behavior. Have peace of mind with Zephyr!

Monitor your parents or kids whereabouts and driving habits.

Real Time Location Tracking

You know where your teenager is supposed to be, whether it be school, a particular friend’s house, or soccer practice, but do you really know where they are? Track them in their car as they drive, or receive push notifications when they’ve arrived at, or departed, from a particular location. You can even be notified if they leave a geographic boundary, go over a mileage limit or are driving outside of allowed days and times.

Eliminate distracted driving.

Eliminate Distracted Driving

Between texting, taking phone calls and using apps, distracted driving is now the leading cause of vehicle-related deaths. This even surpasses drunk driving and is a growing problem.

You can monitor your teenager’s phone usage while driving to reinforce safer driving behavior. Plus, the application gives them feedback to remind them not to use the phone while driving.

Be Instantly Notified of Any Accidents

When an accident occurs, time is of the essence. If your loved one is incapacitated, they will not be able to call you to let you know. You can also ensure that first responders are on their way by calling 911 when you get an alert to notify them exactly when and where the accident occurred.

Be notified of a crash or accident.

Improve Driving Behavior

Aside from phone usage, Zephyr monitors driving behavior such as:

  • Driving over the speed limit
  • Harsh braking
  • Harsh acceleration
  • Cornering

Incentivize your child to drive safely and monitor their progress.

Monitor and improve driving habits through real time alerts.
Know where your teen is at all times.

Keep Tabs On Your Teen’s Whereabouts

Are you sure your teen is where they say they are? Now you can rest assured with a simple check of their location from your smartphone, or push notifications when they’ve breached limits.

Help Your Children Help Themselves

Teenagers are susceptible to peer pressure. If they know they’re being virtually followed, they have a higher likelihood and a better reason to tell their friends “No” when pressured to do something when they might get caught.

Track my teenager.

When You Have Their Best Interests At Heart

As senior citizens age, their faculties may not always be operating at 100%. Yet, you want to let them continue to be independent. Now you can monitor where they go, when and for how long. Zephyr may be right for you if you are worried about whether your parent:

  • Is driving safely
  • Made it home alright
  • Was in an accident
  • Can’t remember where they parked
Monitor elderly driving habits.

Don’t Take Their Car Keys Just Yet

Enable their freedom while maintaining your peace of mind. Monitor their driving behavior and be notified of:

  • Driving over the speed limit
  • Harsh braking
  • Harsh acceleration
  • Breaching geographic boundary or mileage limits
  • Driving at odd days and times

Do You Know Where Your Loved Ones Are?

Keep your family safe with real time location tracking and driver behavior monitoring.

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