Modus for Insurance

Because not all drivers are created equal.

Vehicle telematics for actionable insight into individual and portfolio risk assessment.

Understand Your Portfolio and Drivers that Make It Up

Many of the world’s largest insurers rely on Modus to better understand and evaluate risk, improve and incentivize good driving habits, enhance customer value, and improve their bottom line.


Why Modus?

Deploy with Ease

Deploy Modus efficiently to all of your customers.

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Deliver More Value

Differentiate your brand and delight your customers with leading technology.

Customize to Fit

Use Modus out of the box, or tailor it to your exact specifications.

Minimize Risk

Reinforce and incentivize good driving behavior to reduce portfolio risk.

Build for the Future

Invest in a platform designed to adapt to future technology.

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Gain Accurate, Reliable Insight

Collect and analyze behavioral data to uncover portfolio insights and better understand risk.

Learn about Modus for Insurance

Discover how insurers rely on Modus to better understand their customers and portfolio, reduce overall risk, deliver more value, and incorporate actual behavioral data, ratings, and risks into pricing.


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