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Track, manage and optimize your fleet in real time.

Risk free 30 day trial

30-Day Risk Free Trial

As a courtesy to you, we offer a risk-free 30-day trial. If you are not completely satisfied with your Zephyr system, you can opt out within 30 days of delivery of your devices.

Manage Your Trucks and Employees in Real Time From Your Smartphone

Whether you manage a few vehicles or ten thousand, Zephyr delivers enterprise grade, vehicle telematics software as a service (SaaS). Specifically designed to maintain your fleet operations, Zephyr will monitor and manage your fleet in real time while providing drivers with detailed feedback to improve their safety and efficiency.

Software Overview

Real Time Tracking of All Drivers and Vehicles Web and Mobile User Interface


Save Time & Money

Use metrics to streamline your operations and decrease fuel and maintenance costs. With reporting on fuel fill-ups, fuel usage, time spent idling and vehicle efficiency, you’ll be given actionable insights to identify areas of improvement. Plus, you will be notified of unauthorized vehicle use and vehicle health issues when they happen.

Save Fuel and Vehicle Wear and Tear Costs
Vehicle Health, Maintenance, Factory Recalls, and Statistics Web and Mobile User Interface

Optimize Vehicle & Driver Performance

Save on repairs, preventative maintenance and fuel consumption while improving productivity. Employees receive tips on improving driving safety and truck wear and tear. Get insight on how long your employees spend at each job site to improve their productivity and your billing efficiency.

Improve Customer Service

Always know where your drivers are and better manage their routes according to traffic. Better estimate arrival and delivery times with destination arrival and departure alerts to more accurately set customer expectations.

Better Estimate Arrival and Delivery Times for Improved Customer Service

Why Zephyr?

Track, Manage, and Optimize Your Fleet In Real Time

Manage Your Fleet in Real Time

Monitor your fleet and route vehicles with real time location and traffic awareness.

Driver Safety and Behavior Reporting Icon

Improve Driver Behavior

Identify risky behavior, create safer drivers and reduce accidents.

Work on the Go Icon

Work On the Go

Access real time data on your fleet and drivers from any desktop or mobile device.

Actionable Data Insights Icon

Gain Accurate, Reliable Insight

Collect and analyze reporting data to optimize safety, improve efficiency, and lower costs.

Third Party Integration Icon

Integrate with 3rd Party Applications

Quickly and easily integrate into field force management, driver safety and fuel card management solutions.

Crash detection icon

Crash Detection

Be notified immediately when an accident occurs in one of your vehicles.

Return On Investment

Safe Driving Can Achieve Between 14 and 37% Fuel Savings
Aggressive driving behavior, including speeding as well as harsh acceleration and braking, can reduce fuel mileage by up to 33%. Whereas restrained driving behavior can result in up to 37% fuel savings, and simply staying within the speed limit can have a 14% reduction in fuel consumption.
Source: Telematics Wire

Vehicle Downtime Costs More Than You May Realize
Some researchers estimate vehicle downtime is almost 8 times what a fleet manager or owner expects, including loss in productivity estimated at between $400-$700.
Source: Fleet Answers

The True Cost of Speeding
Vehicle accidents cost employers in the U.S. almost $48 billion annually and more than 1.5 million workdays. This doesn’t take into account the most important cost of all: LIFE. 30% of all traffic fatalities are a direct result of speeding.
Source: Automotive Fleet Magazine – Steps to Achieve Fleet Safety Success Webinar; October 27, 2016

Do You Know Where Your Drivers Are?

Arm your fleet operation with Zephyr trip and driver data, reliable driver scoring, and constant location awareness in order to improve your driver, vehicle and business performance.

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