The Intersection of Safety and Performance

The world’s most advanced, intuitive, and effective vehicle and driver tracking system.

Access Real Time Data and Actionable Insights

The leader in advanced vehicle telematics systems for insurers, fleet managers and businesses, the intuitive Modus platform allows businesses to track and monitor drivers and their vehicles in real time from any browser or smartphone. This means you can act immediately on accurate and reliable information from wherever you are.

Trips,Vehicle Health, Driving Behaviors, Fuel Cost, Vehicle Utilization Reporting and Dashboards Web and Mobile User Interface


Better Drivers Mean Better Business

Modus gives businesses the power to develop safer, more efficient drivers at scale through real time driver and vehicle alerts, driver scoring, and individual performance feedback.

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Find out how insurance companies, fleet managers and transportation businesses use Modus to optimize vehicle efficiency, improve driver safety and drive business performance.

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