Insurance Telematics from Modus

Industry-leading connected car insurance solutions built to attract new customers,
while engaging and retaining current policy holders.

Target The Best Drivers For Your Program

With the most innovative, scalable and flexible connected car platform available, Modus delivers actionable driver performance data that enables you to identify and characterize more accurate risk profiles, and improve pricing and profitability across your entire portfolio.

Smarter Acquisition and Retention

Modus provides the most reliable, predictive data available to target, attract and retain drivers with pricing based on how drivers actually drive.

Connected Car Insurance Telematics Distracted Driving Solution
Insurance Telematics Experts

We are Experts at Running UBI Programs

We will guide you each step of the way:

  • Quality Assurance
  • Dedicated Modus Account Manager
  • Production Support
  • Monitoring
  • Deployment

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Why Modus?

Deploy with Ease

We have program management tools that can get you up and running instantly.

Deliver More Value

Differentiate your brand and delight your customers with leading technology.

Customize to Fit

Extensive APIs allow you to integrate all of your program management and data into your core systems.

Minimize Risk

Reinforce and incentivize good driving behavior to reduce portfolio risk.

Build for the Future

Invest in a platform designed to adapt to future technology.

Gain Accurate, Reliable Insight

Collect and analyze behavioral data to uncover portfolio insights and better understand risk.

UBI Scoring Algorithm For Risk Assessment

Skilled in Operations & Logistics

You’re connected car insurance solution is in expert hands:

  • Extensive Quality Control Testing
  • Program Management Tools
  • Web Services Integration
  • Highly Scalable Data Hosting
  • Customized Analytics
  • Key Performance Indicators

Flexible, Fast Implementation

With an instantly scalable cloud-based platform, open architecture and indefinite data maintenance, Modus is able to deploy your program quickly in multiple geographies simultaneously.

Worldwide UBI Deployment

Crash Detection and Data

Get instant access to crash data that affects your bottom line.

End-to-End Solution

What more could you ask for?

Learn about Modus for Insurance

Discover how insurers rely on Modus to better understand their customers and portfolio, reduce overall risk, deliver more value, and incorporate actual behavioral data, ratings, and risk into pricing.